Looking for a way to bring a special touch to your wedding day? Are you organizing an outdoor event and need a practical and fun way to entertain your family, friends and guests? Our 1978 Volkswagen Transporter 2 fully converted into a espresso bar can help you out!

The unique experience on that special day

Hi, my name is Leo and I am the owner/barista at T2 Coffee Van. After working in the hospitality industry for many years, I have decided to pursue my passion for coffee, this is how T2 Coffee Van came to life in the West of Ireland.

I love a good wedding or a private event where the van can add a special touch to your day. Whether you choose to have us in the church yard for your wedding, at your outdoor private or corporate event, I’ll do my best to provide the best service that matches your special occasion.


Our standard services for weddings is what we like to call After Church Coffee Receptions – as you and your partner step out of the church, happily married, followed by your lovely guests, our gorgeous T2 Coffee Van will await in the Church yard and will greet you with barista style coffee (made to order) and delicious treats.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?


Whether you are opening a new shop, launching your book or want to provide a fun event outdoors for your team, we can help! We’ll advise on the best way we can support your event and we can provide the right treats for the occasion. We’ll make sure your guests, customers or employees have a great experience overall and your local business or brand shines during the event!

Hire us for your special day!